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The Craziest Riddle Book In The World

Reviews 4 Stars
Craziest Riddle Book In The World


Author: Lori Miller Fox

Craziest Riddle Book In The World is a great riddle book. Written by Lori Miller Fox and the publisher is Sterling. It went on sale on the 1st of March, 2004. The book is 96 pages long. The riddle book is 0.32" Height x 8.22" Length x 5.36" Width and weighs only 0.26 lbs, add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

They're wacky, they're wild, they're the craziest jokes ever, and they'll keep kids in peals of laughter. Delightful cartoons on nearly each and every page up the giggle factor Go to pieces. What did the decorator put on the ocean floor? What do jigsaw puzzles do when they get negative news? Whale to whale carpet. He left inside a huff. From animal funnies and zany wordplay to muddled mottoes and the “ scream team” (monster jests) , there's plenty of hilarity for kids to enjoy and share with their pals. How did the Three Little Pigs know the Big Bad Wolf was mad?


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