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Kitty Riddles (easy-to-read, Puffin)

Reviews 4 Stars
Kitty Riddles


Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg / R. W. Alley

You simply must read a copy of Kitty Riddles a strong riddle book by Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg / R. W. Alley. The author is Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg / R. W. Alley and the publisher is Puffin. It went on sale in March of 2002. The riddle book is 40 pages long, add to cart by selecting the link below.

Why did the baby cat carry about a box of Band-Aids? Amaze your friends with these laugh-out-loud riddles and puns."(Booklist)"The mixture of 34 puns with ink-and-watercolor slapstick cartoons will please (okay, a-mews) cat lovers and show new readers that the sounds of words are component with the fun. Because she wanted to turn into a first-aid kit! Do you know what kind of kitty wears sunglasses and a raincoat and says,"Bow wow?"An impawstor, needless to say!


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