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A Little Giant Book: Super Silliest Riddles

Reviews 4 Stars
Little Giant Book Super Silliest Riddles


Author: Chris Tait / Jacqueline Horsfall / Morrie Gallant

The author is Chris Tait / Jacqueline Horsfall / Morrie Gallant and it was published on the 1st of August, 2007 by Sterling. The book concerns Riddles, Juvenile. In case you are in the library you can quite likely look it up with the DDC, PN6371.5.T346 2007. The riddle book is 360 pages long and it has black & white artwork.

This new collection of riddles brings joke-ography to a whole new level! Kids will most likely be laughing for hours as they turn the pages of this tiny book that is packed with giant fun. They can only count as significantly as “ Fore!) and travel through the world of riddles with hundreds of “ Pucks and Yucks” (Why can't golfers attend college? But don't just take our word for it … as the smartest frogs say, Read-it, Read-it! Begin with the “ Starting from Scratch” chapter (What is the moral of the story about Jonah along using the whale? You can't keep a good man down! ” ).


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