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Pets In Trumpets: And Other Word-play Riddles

Reviews 4 Stars
Pets In Trumpets And Other Wordplay

HMH Books for Young Readers

Author: Bernard Most


Fifteen word-play riddles based on the concept of finding words within other words, such as "pet" in "trumpet" and "ten" in "kitten."
Written by Bernard Most and it was published sometime in 1991 by HMH Books for Young Readers. This is the 1st ed. of the book has 32 pages and it incorporates a number of lovely colored illustrations. The riddle book also emphasizes Vocabulary and Riddles.

Why did the musician find a dog in his trumpet? “ Clever wordplay riddles will excite beginning readers while encouraging even essentially the most reluctant kid to recognize words. Because he constantly finds a PET in his trum PET. Not only pets in trumpets, but weasels with easels, a witch with an itch, and a lot of other unusual items seem in Bernard Most's irresistible collection of wordplay puzzles. ” -American Bookseller


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