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Puppy Riddles (puffin Easy To Read)

Reviews 5 Stars
Puppy Riddles


Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

For those who are looking to buy a riddle book I have come up with some good info. Purchase a copy of Puppy Riddles written by Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg. The author is Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg and it is published by Puffin. The riddle book became available around January of 2000. The book has 48 pages. Obtain a copy of this book, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

How do we know puppies like their dads? They often lick their paws! The frisky puppies are shown in all elements of a dog's life, including river rafting in Collierado, camping out in pup tents, and reading furry tales. These forty-two riddles will have young readers sitting up and begging for more! Previous riddle books in this series received excellent reviews with recommendations for beginning and reluctant readers.


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