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Riddle Riot

Reviews 4 Stars
Riddle Riot


Author: Lori Miller Fox

Riddle Riot written by Lori Miller Fox is a superb riddle book. The author is Lori Miller Fox and it was published sometime in 2003 by Sterling. The riddle book talks about Riddles, Juvenile. The riddle book has 96 pages and it is packed with black & white artwork. Attain a copy of this book, click on the market add to shopping cart button on this page.

Riddle maniacs, beware: this riddle roundup is jam-packed with side-splitters. The great cartoons make every spread even an more delightful romp for young riddlers. Finstinct. A dino-sour. You'll go crazy more than this collection and your friends will go even crazier, simply because there are new riddles, new fun, and new zaniness to provoke unstoppable giggles. The humorous subjects range from the totally bizarre to everyday hilarity, and they're silly, punny, and drive-you-nutty. In some cases, the joke's on teachers, parents, pets, TV shows, and sports heroes, while still far more poke fun at birthdays, holidays, and other party times. For example: How do baby fish know how to swim? What prehistoric creature is shaped like a lemon?


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