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Simms Taback's Great Big Book Of Spacey, Snakey, Buggy Riddles

Reviews 4 Stars
Simms Tabacks Great Big Book Of Spacey

Viking Juvenile

Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

The author is Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg and it was published sometime in 2008 by Viking Juvenile. The riddle book has 64 pages. The riddle book dimensions are 10.55" Height x 0.47" Length x 8.23" Width. It weighs close to 1.02 lbs. Let yourself end up being engrossed in this book. While you read, imagine the circumstance within your mind. You may get as artistic as you choose with the situation in your mind. This will undoubtedly put you in the middle of the enjoyment as well as charm in the book.

Q. A. When it? When is a riddle book irresistible? s illustrated by Simms Taback.

Q. What do bugs have that no other animal has? A. Baby buggies.

Q. A. Never! When do you have too many riddles?


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