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Stinky Riddles (easy-to-read, Dial)

Reviews 4 Stars
Stinky Riddles


Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

A collection of jokes, puns, and riddles about skunks.
The author is Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg and the publisher is Dial. This book became available sometime in 2005. The book is 40 pages long and it incorporates a variety of beautifully colored illustrations. The riddle book emphasizes Riddles, Jokes and Skunks. To take advantage of the discount I found, visit our store link on this page.

What did the umpire say when the little skunk came as a lot as bat?"Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg's ever-popular joke books are the only such series for kids, plus a great teaching tool for beginning and reluctant readers. —"Three stripes and you're out! And for the kid who thinks he nose the answer, but isn't sure? Now kids can amuse every single other with this hilarious choice of silly jokes and puns about skunks. René e Andriani's scent-sational illustrations give numerous funny clues.


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