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Touching The Distance: Native American Riddle-poems

Reviews 4 Stars
Touching The Distance Native American

HMH Books for Young Readers

Author: Brian Swann


A collection of brief poems, most only a single line, adapted from the riddles of various Native American tribes. The illustrations reveal the answers to the riddles.
Touching The Distance: Native American Riddle-poems, Native American riddle-poems is a must own book. The author is Brian Swann and it was published in March of 1998 by HMH Books for Young Readers. In the Dewey Decimal Classification number is PS3569.W256 T68 1998. This is the 1st ed. has 32 pages and it is packed with brilliantly colored illustrations. It furthermore stresses Riddles, Indian riddles and American poetry. For the greatest offer for this riddle book in addition to other items, visit our store button below.

A riddle is a question with a surprising answer. A poem is an unexpected view of the world around us. With stunning illustrations, this remarkable book encourages all to see the planet anew. Combine the two, and you have this collection of twenty-two riddle-poems gathered from Native American sources by Brian Swann, a preeminent scholar, poet, and collector of riddles from about the globe.


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